PC, Server & Backup Software

At Network Architects we understand the challenges of keeping your software operating systems up to date so we provide relevant up to date software solutions to address all Microsoft operating systems.

Working with our distribution partners we ensure you get the correct operating software solutions for your deployment of desktop PC’s and mobile devices to the basic building blocks to back up your server data. We have built up strong relationships with market-leading vendors to deliver excellence in performance, quality, reliability and resiliency.

Network Architects partners with industry leading vendors to provide the following solutions :

    • Windows PC Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Server Software
    • Microsoft Office & Office 365
    • Microsoft Azure
    • AVG Business Internet Antivirus
    • KeepItSafe Server & Cloud Backup

Network Architects success is built on the provision of high quality products, competitive pricing and unparalleled support and because of this level of commitment to our clients we have built strong, lasting relationships.

We provide a range of high performance PC’s, laptops and servers which are highly efficient with industry-leading innovations that reduce power consumption and energy costs while delivering a better workplace experience.

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