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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Computing is changing the way organisations view their IT infrastructure providing an opportunity to build turnkey solutions for a fraction of the operational cost of traditional on premise solutions. As a cloud enabler, Network Architects, provides clients with a diverse range of options by utilising hosted partners and co-location facilities to host servers and storage for clients who no longer wish to buy hardware outright.

We know that many businesses want cloud benefits without having to risk their IT investments while others are looking to take the first tentative steps to align their infrastructure to the new delivery model. We can help develop a hybrid solution for those wishing to test the cloud without fully committing their complete IT infrastructure to it in one step.

For clients who want to take small steps, we recommend one of our hosting partners who have racks of rentable computer power and storage, delivering all your IT needs from the cloud.


Network Architects utilising accredited Microsoft Hyper-V & VMware specialists can virtualise your server estate providing you with reduced management overhead. This is the first step towards a cloud-ready environment that cuts costs and makes your business more flexible while reducing the data centre footprint.

As each virtualisation project is different it is essential to focus heavily on the scoping element as it will most likely be essential to run a dual system in parallel while the virtualisation takes place. If it is not planned correctly there may be unnecessary duplication.

While the cloud and virtualisation are now being accepted as being an integral part of current IT infrastructure there is also a reliance on more traditional solutions which is why there is quite a hybrid mix of solutions to consider. Network Architects will consult with you to design, plan and deploy the optimum solution for your organisation.

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